Jean-Luc Nancy improvises a lecture on improvisation

September 5, 5pm-8pm at Konstakademien during the exhibition Thinking Through Painting. An improvised lecture on improvisation with the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy.

The talk will be followed by an improvisation concert with:
Jean-Luc Nancy (voice)
Jesper Eriksson (saxophone)
Peter Schuback (cello)
Kristoffer Linder (percussion)
Davor Kajfes (piano)

Jean-Luc Nancy has written more than twenty books and hundreds of texts or contributions to volumes, catalogues and journals. His philosophical scope is very broad: from On Kawara to Heidegger, from the sense of the world and the deconstruction of Christianity to the Jena romantics of the Schlegel brothers.Nancy is influenced by philosophers like Jacques Derrida, Georges Bataille and Martin Heidegger. Is most known for La communauté désoeuvrée (translated as The Inoperative Community in 1991), at the same time a work on the question of community and a comment on Bataille. He has also published books on Heidegger, Kant, Hegel and Descartes. One of the main themes in his work is the question of our being together in contemporary society. In Être singulier pluriel (translated as Being Singular Plural in 2000) Nancy deals with the question how we can still speak of a ‘we’ or of a plurality, without transforming this ‘we’ into a substantial and exclusive identity. What are the conditions to speak of a ‘we’ today?

The evening has been made possible through generous support from the Philosophy department and Critical Cultural Theory research at Södertörn University, The Royal Academy and Institut français de Suède.


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