Allborgarrätten in Monocle guide

Allborgarrätten i Monocle 2

Recently a friend visiting from abroad made me aware of the fact that my artist book ”Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City As a Swedish Tradition” was featured in Monocle’s guide to Stockholm under the subject line ”things we’d buy”! Slowly the concept of allborgarrätten is seeping into Swedish identity, among with Dalahästar, perfumes from Byredo and books on Olle Eksell graphic design. I am really happy with this placement since the whole idea with the cover typo was a discreet hint to Absolut vodka and the rest of the book should be something in between a bible and a manifesto – but pink. The main idea with the art project is to make allborgarrätten as self-evident as allemansrätten when we talk about Swedish identity.

The Stockholm: The Monocle Travel Guide Series was published in 2017. Apparently the editors had picked up Allborgarrätten at Färgfabriken’s shop. It is also available at e.g. Moderna museet/ArkDes shop, or from online booksellers.


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