Salon! ”Sprezzatura” Jan Rydén, painting


On popular demand; a second chance. Welcome to an art salon in Jenny Bergström’s apartment gallery at Kolbäcksgränd 22 on Sunday February 9, 2020, 13h-16h.  You will find a selection of Jan Rydén’s enigmatic and colorful paintings on display. Some of them visible above, even though they are notoriously hard to photograph since the camera registers color in another way than the eye.

At 14 h we will have a talk on Jan’s painting and its central role in an artistic practice that spans from installations, sound pieces and urbanism to essays.

Welcome! Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP

Artist talk i New York

Jan Rydén presenterade sin artist book ”Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition” på Van Alen Institute 27 oktober 2017 i New York som en del av utställningen Aiming for Democratic Architecture anordnad av Sveriges Arkitekter och Svenska institutet. Under en vecka arrangerades seminarier, samtal och workshops inför och under utställningen. Programmet tog sin utgångspunkt i arkitekturens roll i ett demokratiskt samhälle. Detta var Sveriges bidrag till New Yorks designmånad Archtober och programmet inleddes på Sveriges generalkonsulat.