Artist talk in Berlin


Jan Rydén has been invited to give a lecture on his artist book ”Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition” at the Humboldt University in Berlin. The talk is part of the Dag Hammarskjöld lecture series (Dag-Hammarskjöld-Vorlesungen) organized by urban historian Professor Håkan Forsell. The lecture will take place on Dec 11, 2018 at the Nordeuropa Institut, Dorotheenstrasse 24, Berlin.

Artist talk i New York

Jan Rydén presenterade sin artist book ”Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition” på Van Alen Institute 27 oktober 2017 i New York som en del av utställningen Aiming for Democratic Architecture anordnad av Sveriges Arkitekter och Svenska institutet. Under en vecka arrangerades seminarier, samtal och workshops inför och under utställningen. Programmet tog sin utgångspunkt i arkitekturens roll i ett demokratiskt samhälle. Detta var Sveriges bidrag till New Yorks designmånad Archtober och programmet inleddes på Sveriges generalkonsulat.

Allborgarrätten at MNAC – Dalles Hall, Bucharest

Allborgarrätten will be part of the group exhibition PUCK (Sept 12 – Oct 12) at Dalles Hall/MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary Art) i Bucharest, Romania. Jan Rydén will do a site-specific installation in the Dalles Hall Annex in central Bucharest. During the opening on September 12 Jan Rydén will also give a presentation of his ideas on the Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition.

Summer Art Stockholm

By invitation from Konstfrämjandet Jan Rydén on June 21 painted one of the pictograms from his book ”Allborgarrätten The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition” on Swedenborgsgatan which is pedestrian during the summer. The pictogram chosen was ”Fristaden, Free City, Freistadt” which promotes the liberties associated with urban life as well as the idea of cities as places of refuge from prosecution. Simultaneously Rydén’s sound piece ”Allborgarrätten” can be heard by passers-by until the end of summer. He reads excerpts from the book. The painting was done in ephemeral material and will fade away completely during summer.

Konstfrämjandet has promoted art in Sweden since 1947.

Sommarkonst! Allborgarrätten på Swedenborgsgatan i sommar

Istället för en p-ruta. Som en performance målades den 21 juni piktogrammet ”Fristaden” från Allborgarrätten på Swedenborgsgatan. Målningen finns kvar under sommarens satsning på gågata men kommer sakta att nötas bort. ”Fristaden” är också titeln på ett kapitel i boken där de idén om fristaden belyses: Stad

en som plats för yttrandefrihet, kultur, annorlunda livsstilar, företagsamhet och förverkligande av annorlunda drömmar. Inbjudan kommer från  Konstfrämjandet som har lokaler intill. Samtidigt kan du varje dag höra utsnitt av ”Allborgarrätten” som ljudverk i Konsfrämjandets ”Ljud i porten”. Tack till alla på Konstfrämjandet och särskilt Per Hasselberg som hjälpte till att fotografera. Trevlig sommar i stan!

Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition

Allborgarrätten’ is a newly coined concept that promises to be the urban equivalent of the rural, traditional Swedish ‘allemansrätten’ – everyman’s right to roam freely in nature. The rural right is one most Swedes know by heart, even though they now live in cities. Through the Nordic lens, Rydén explores themes like the right to the city, national identity and connects it to a larger global discourse. Along with this verbal exploration Jan Rydén has created a series of pictograms, a pictorial grammar of sorts, which follows its own poetic logic. The book is set to be launched in September 2016, in both English and Swedish.

‘Allborgarrätten’ är den nya urbana motsvarigheten till allemansrätten. Ordet är skapat av den svenske konstnären Jan Rydén. I essäboken Allborgarrätten: Rätten till staden som en svensk tradition undersöker han idén och knyter an till en internationell diskussion om rätten till staden. Parallellt med texten har Rydén skapat en serie piktogram som följer en egen poetisk logik. Boken publiceras på både svenska och engelska.

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Jan Rydén’s ultimate goal is to make the urban allborgarrätten a part of the Swedish Constitution, just as the rural right already is. Rydén embarked on the project of allborgarrätten with a starting point firmly entrenched in the Nordic context. However, along the way he has discovered that his work is part of a global discourse on the Right to the City, which has been particularly important in Latin America. The formulation of the Right to the City has its roots in, among others, the work of French philosopher Henri Lefebvre, who’s ”Le droit à la ville” was published early in 1968.

Allemansrätten is a type of commoners’ right to e.g. walk, hike and camp or pick flowers and berries even extending onto other peoples’ lands. The traditional allemansrätten is strongly connected to Swedish natural identity, it is a matter of national pride, and is taught to every child.

The neologism allborgarrätten, approximately ”every burgher’s right”, connects the right not to nationality but to all those who dwell in the city, including those who are there temporarily including fluid parts of the populations such as migrants, guest workers and commuters.Rights such as allemansrätten were once common in many European countries but have to a large extent dissapeared. They were preserved in Nordic countries, possibly because feudalism and serfdom were never established in those societies.